K Cup Solvent Trap | 9 Inch Aluminium 1.75 OD 1 2x28 and 5 8x24 Fuel Filter

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Features of K Cup Solvent Trap Fuel Filter:

1. Length increased to perfectly fit 8 storage cups - allowing for more space for you trek.
2. Walls thicker for increased rigidity and durability.
3. 7075 aluminum made for a strong but lightweight tube.
4. Round tube body improves aesthetics.
5. End cap threading allows for easy swapping.
6. Anodized in Black color

Specifications of K Cup Solvent Trap Fuel Filter:

Storage Tube
1. Tube - 7075 Aluminum. Round body. Anodized
2. Tube Measurements - 1.75" OD, 1.375" ID, 8.25" length (without end caps), 9" length (with end caps).
3. Endcaps - 1 x solid design end cap with divots at true center on both sides.
2 x end cap with threaded hole in size 1/2-28 both  5/8x24.
Tube will fit Most D cell Mag lite end caps

1. 8 Pcs 7075 Aluminum Storage Cups
2. Dimensional design divots on both ends of the cups are placed at true center for aesthetic appeal
3. 1.375 OD. 925'' height
4. A lip at the bottom of each stackable storage cup ensures a tight seal allowing for sealed compartments to keep your valuables dry and protected.

Perfect balance of lightweight and strength. Made for long term use and abuse and much lighter than stainless steel with a better price point than titanium.

Match-Grade Fitment - 8 cups fit perfectly inside the fuel catch container. There is no need for spacers. Kit comes perfectly matched with cups.


Package of K Cup Solvent Trap Fuel Filter:

1 x Round Tube
1 x End Cup
8 x D Cell Storage Cups
2 x End Caps(1/2-28 + 5/8-24)

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