1/2x28+5/8x24 Modular Solvent Trap MST Full Stainless Steel Fuel Filter

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Description of Modular Solvent Trap:

1. Modular Solvent Trap(MST) kit is one of the most versatile in the trap market because of its distinct modular design.
2. Modular Solvent Trap kit features 60-degree cups for unparalleled performance, as well as an included thread mount, tube and end cap.
3. With a straight cone shape that tapers to a smaller diameter (compared to its pistol Modular Solvent Trap compadre), Modular Solvent Trap was designed with performance and customization in mind.
4. In its longest configuration, this solvent trap is only 17 ounces and 10 inches long.

Specification of Modular Solvent Trap:

Shortest Configuration Weight: 5 oz
Longest Configuration Weight: 30 oz
Shortest Length: 3"
Longest Length: 10"
Connector tube Length: 3''
Diameter: 1.50''OD, 1.18''ID
Thread on cones: 1.375x24
Build Materials: 304 Stainless Steel
Finish:Raw Material Color
Thread Mounts: 5/8x24 + 1/2x28
Compatible with: Industry Standard tube thread,1.375"-24 TPI

Package of Modular Solvent Trap:
1x Spacer
1x Solid Cap
2x End Caps ( 1/2 x28 + 5/8x24 )
8x Cone Cups

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