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Stainless Steel 6 Inch Monocore Solvent Trap Fuel Filter 1/2x28 + 5/8x24

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Fuel catch - Product of NAPA Auto Multi-Purpose Tool
This is the best alternative to the old filter with cups


1.063" OD, 0.3" ID Hole, and Overall Length of 6"

Material: Aluminum 7075(Tube)/ Stainless Steel 304(Monocore), hard Anodized Coating aluminum 7075 tube for increased durability
Thread: 1/2x28 + 5/8x24
1.063" OD, 0.3" ID
Overall Length of 6"

Great for a fuel filter, a dryer, a cleaner.
- Strength: since it's a solid piece.
- Reliability: fewer moving/shifting parts.
- Maintenance: it's easier to take apart/clean.
- Accountability: no small parts to get lost.

balance of lightweight and strength. Made for long term use and much
Much durable than aluminum and with a better price point than titanium.

Package Included:
1x Tube
1x Single Piece Element
3x End Caps ( 1/2''x28 + 5/8''x24 Threaded Mounts and Sealed End Cap )

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