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What is the solvent trap?

Aug 22,2022 | Armorytexas

A solvent trap is a firearm-related accessory that owners use to clean their firearms. Specifically, it is designed to capture solvents and other oily materials that drip out of the barrel of a firearm during the chamber cleaning process. It is used to prevent the solvent from spilling on the ground during the cleaning process to improve the cleaning efficiency. It is made of different kinds of metals, designs and finishes. Solvent traps are usually made of high-quality materials, such as aluminum, carbon steel or titanium. They come in different sizes and are an excellent addition to solvent traps when cleaning firearms. There are also solvent trap adapters for a simple attachment to the barrel of the weapon. The cylindrical tube attaches to the threaded barrel of the firearm. It is then sealed with an end cap, which helps collect and store excess solvent that accumulates during the cleaning process. This is also true for any deposits or debris created by flushing the firearm. Once collected, the trap can be removed for efficient waste disposal or recycled for those environmentally conscious gun owners. It is intended for cleaning purposes only. Any other use is a violation of the BATF. If used properly, it can improve the overall performance of the firearm.

What are the types of solvent traps?

Modular Solvent Trap

The modular Solvent Trap(MST) kit is one of the most versatile in the solvent trap market because of its distinct modular design. Modular Solvent trap kit features 60-degree cups for unparalleled performance, as well as an included thread mount, tube and end cap with a straight cone shape that tapers to a smaller diameter (compared to its pistol Modular Solvent Trap compadre). Modular Solvent Trap was designed with performance and customization in mind.
The modular solvent trap can be freely combined to match the cups of the thread, thus achieving the length and effect to the user's satisfaction. It is also possible to save costs by replacing cups.

Solvent Trap Tube Kit

The solvent collector tube has internal threads on both ends. It allows you to install end caps to store solvent while putting in size-appropriate cups inside the tube for enhanced cleaning. Use matching threaded end caps to mount on the end of the barrel to clean your weapon.

Monocore Solvent Trap

The Monocore Solvent Trap consists of a tube and a single core. The assembly is very simple and robust. You can use it directly when you have it. A sealing cap is attached at the bottom. It makes cleaning easy and efficient. monocore solvent trap products have a unique design that many people may associate with suppressors—fear of legal issues and ATF and NFA investigations. In the eyes of the ATF, center marks are considered to show "constructive intent" because the center marks are intended to be used for drilling. Therefore the ATF considers these marks or pits to be "drilled" from a constructive intent perspective. Most sellers in China have center marks and do not have sealing caps. It will make the ATF think you are trying to have an illegal suppressor. This rule has kept many people away from this type of solvent trap. Armory Texas' monocore solvent trap does not come with a center mark, and all have sealed caps. So this is a very safe device.




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