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Solvent trap application atf form 1 tips

Mar 25,2023 | Armorytexas

Hey there gun enthusiasts! Want to create a custom firearm but the ATF Form 1 process has you sweating bullets? No worries, I got you covered. There's a handy dandy tool called a solvent trap that can simplify the whole process.

Why choose Solvent trap application atf eform 1?

Now, a solvent trap is usually used for cleaning firearms and collecting solvent, but it's actually a lot more versatile than that. With a little tinkering, it can easily be transformed into a suppressor for your firearm. Pretty sweet, right?


The best part? It can save you some serious cash compared to buying a pre-made suppressor. Plus, you get to tailor your suppressor to your specific needs and shooting style, giving you top-notch accuracy and performance. So, go on and give it a try, your custom firearm dreams await!


Alright folks, before we dive into the ATF Form 1 application, let's check out this sweet walkthrough video by National Gun Trusts. They cover every single step of the process in great detail, so you won't miss a beat.

atf form 1 suppressor kit

(Since the video owner has banned this video on other sites, we need to click on the image or here to jump to YouTube to watch it.) 

But here's the deal, this walkthrough is for Form 1 applications in general, not specifically for solvent traps. And let's face it, that's caused a lot of confusion lately. A bunch of folks tried to apply using the wrong info and didn't make the cut. Oof.


How does Solvent trap apply for atf eform 1?

But fear not my friends, we're here to help you out. We're gonna show you how to use a solvent trap to apply for Form 1 and get the ATF's stamp of approval. And trust us, it's not as tricky as it seems. So buckle up, and let's get started!


All our processes can be operated according to the previous video. Until here, here comes the kicker!

All the information on this page is filled out as you need it to be, except for the "description" box.

In the "description" box we write:

I do not plan on buying nor do I possess any parts or materials to make a silencer or suppressor until I have an approved form 1.

atf eform 1 solvent trap

Ok, at this point maybe some of you are thinking about what to do next with uploading images. Very well, let's move on to the next step.

atf form 1 suppressor kit

When it comes to this step, it is also a very critical place. We can use a piece of handwritten paper and write on it:

I do not have parts and will do reasesrch while waiting for approval of form one hand written

Then take a picture of this handwritten paper and upload it. Yes, you read that right.

This method works and some people have been approved by atf using this method



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