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Is a solvent trap legal?

Aug 24,2022 | Armorytexas

Solvent trap is a safe firearm cleaning device and it is perfectly legal to purchase a solvent trap without Form 1, but it is important to note that if you want to modify, change or redesign the solvent trap, you must request Form 1 from the ATF in advance. Be sure to understand the specific laws and regulations. Especially in the state where you live.


Solvent traps are perfectly legal in the United States and do not meet the definition of a silencer or suppressor under federal law. Under federal law, they can be used to clean a firearm to avoid a mess. If anything, because people who buy a solvent trap are equivalent to having an illegal silencer. Then those who used for example PVC pipes, 2 liter soda bottles, oil filters, and pillows went to change. So are these items illegal? This makes no sense at all.

Can a solvent trap be used as a suppressor?

When attached to a rifle, these devices look like suppressors or silencers. The only difference between the two is the hole at the exit end of the device. Silencers have a bullet exit hole, while solvent traps do not. Both contain baffles on the inside of the tube. These baffles in the solvent trap are not designed to filter out impurities in the fluid produced during drum cleaning while allowing the fluid to pass through to the next filter. The baffles in the suppressor will stop the gas that produces a loud sound when fired, thus preventing all the gas from exiting at the same time. This action greatly reduces the sound. If a solvent trap needs to be used as a suppressor, be sure to apply for Form 1. It is perfectly legal for anyone to submit the NFA's required registration, a form detailing the silencer they plan to make. the same is true for the solvent trap. As long as you submit a Form 1 in advance, it will be approved and you can then build your suppressor.


How to choose a solvent trap

Because when a solvent trap is used as a suppressor, it needs to have a high resistance to compression. Otherwise it can pose a huge threat to your equipment and even your personal safety. So pay close attention to quality when choosing a solvent trap, and Armory Texas manufactures solvent traps that understand this safety hazard. All of our products are made of materials that are highly resistant to pressure and corrosion, providing you with safe protection when acting as a suppressor. When used as cleaning equipment, they can be used over and over again. Again, if you want to modify, change or redesign the solvent trap, be sure to request Form 1 from ATF in advance.




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